Friday, April 6, 2012

sandwiches and spirituality

I was to believe that Jesus cares more that I don't waste food than eat meat on Good Friday.

At the beginning of the week I had a pound of ground beef, so I made it into some meatballs and hamburgers. It made 3 servings of meatballs and 1 hamburger. Well, I've had the meatballs twice, and then had free dinner at school last night. Considering that the burger has been in there since Monday night, I figured I needed to eat it today. I'll make no pretense, it was delicious. I didn't have Non-italian bread crumbs when I made it so I crushed up some pretzel chips and used that instead and also added dijon and garlic. It came out surprisingly well!- Today I slapped that baby between a whole wheat bagel thin with provolone, mustard and some greens. Happy lunch in my belly.

I'm going to a seder tonight and helping to do the cooking this afternoon. The Jews might not agree with my cheeseburger, the Catholics won't agree with my brisket tonight.

Maybe I need to be Agnostic. Or a Unitarian. Some religion with less rules regarding deliciousness.


  1. I like to think that delicious food and drink are great evidence of God. The bible tells us that Jesus himself loved some cabernet. I highly doubt he cares what meat we do or don't eat as long as we appreciate our food and treat our animals/crops/plants with respect. Tis the circle of life.

  2. PS. That cheeseburger recipe sounds delish!

  3. Now you have the Lion King playing in my head. The CIIIIIRCLE OF LIIIIIFEEEEE.

    I think I added a splash of milk to the meat too to make it hold together. There I go again, being un-kosher. Salt and pepper to your heart's content as well.

  4. "Some religion with less rules regarding deliciousness." sign me up, too! :)