Monday, August 29, 2011


I have been surprised at how genuinely happy I have been here-- even though it has only been two weeks. After a long relationship I feel like I am learning myself again and what I like and enjoying my own company after being part of an "US" for so long. A dear friend of mine once told me that after her break-up she had cheetos and chocolate cake for dinner and it made her happy. I think of that when I eat things like spaghetti... and then a nutella sandwich... and some ice cream for dinner. Part of recovering from a broken heart and enduring change is listening to your intuition and your needs as you move forward. 

However, I have found that there is a dark underbelly to living alone. Something that I didn't realize until last night at 11:30pm....

THERE WAS A GIANT BUG IN MY BATHROOM. I HATE BUGS! Seriously, this thing was 2 inches long. ICK! 

Immediate thought: OMG. I am the sole bug killer in this residence. I can no longer ask my super roommate to take them down. 

At first I just locked the door. Hoping maybe it would go back from where it came. Then I got into bed and put a towel under the door to block it from sneaking in. I couldn't sleep. 

Back out of bed. I grabbed a spray can of Lysol and tried to poison it as it hung on for dear life to my shower curtain. Then it fell and I screamed. I was sweating. I ran back to the kitchen to try and throw some tupperware over it but when I came back it moved too fast. I slammed the door again and ran back into bed and burrowed all the way down in my bed. 

This morning it was gone. 

And after an email exchange with my building management I found out it was a "wood roach that is common in North Carolina and wooded areas." YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME. Apparently they don't do much harm and there is little chance that they are breeding in my walls, but more likely that one snuck in at one point when a door was open. 

Someone is coming to spray poison in my apartment on Friday. Because I am the kind of girl who can hang curtains, assemble vacuum cleaners and make a mean frittata, but I am not the kind of girl who can deal with bugs in my living space. 

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