Sunday, August 28, 2011

time to make a move

For a few months it felt like I was just sitting on the decision. People would ask "Are you excited?!" Um, sure. I'll be excited when it actually happens. I made a bucket list for DC and started hitting the spots I always wanted to go to: Quarterdeck, Ben's Chili Bowl, and Estadio to name a few. (The majority of my bucket list was restaurants, let's face it, I know what I like-- eating.)

Then all of the sudden it felt like it was go time. In a matter of weeks I quit my job of 3 years, threw my sister's bridal shower, bought a new computer, said goodbye to people, packed up my apartment...and well...that wonderful boyfriend? That relationship sadly ended and got packed up with the rest of my DC life. I had to laugh-- it was almost like the universe was telling me, "You wanted change, so here you go. Let's flip your entire life on it's head."

And with that I carried out the last of my boxes to the moving van and headed down to Chapel Hill. 
 the old apartment


  1. So crazy to see an empty shot of that apartment! We were running on Lee Highway yesterday afternoon and when we passed Adams it still felt like you lived there.

  2. I know! I cried a little bit when I left the apartment for the last time. Lots of good times in that place! You can wave when you go by. I'm there in spirit :)

  3. Yay that you are back to blogging! And that you are enjoying Chapel Hill :)

    I'm sad to hear about boyfriend. I mean, I wondered how the transition would be. If it would work. Because long distance is really, really hard. But sometimes it works. And sometimes it doesn't. I just feel like (in a non-creepy way) that I was there through you guys meeting, and then "falling in love", and now (damnit) breaking up. Sob.

    Well, as long as cheetos and chocolate are making you happy then I'm happy :) And Sweet Tea...there is not much better than sweet tea! Except for Sweet Tea Vodka. With a little bit of lemonade mixed in for good measure ;)

  4. I know DSS! You were there for it all! I felt sad when you and TEN had your breakup a while ago and then was so happy when you started dating again. Funny how invested we get in our blog friend's lives :)

    As for Sweet Tea Vodka. I LOVE IT. So good. I also mix it with Seltzer which is yummy too!

  5. awww sad to hear about the break up. i definitely wasn't expecting that