Friday, December 16, 2011

not yet

I finished finals on Tuesday (hooray!) but them came down with a horrible cold. I have just been a sniffly sneezy mess! I planned to stay in Chapel Hill for a few days after exams to hang out and have fun, but mostly I've been napping, running last minute errands, and laying low. Today is starting to look up though! I'm not quite as miserable feeling, which is great because I have a dinner to go to tonight, followed by a Lizzy Ross Band show at Local 506. She's a Chapel Hill local who I've seen a few times and is friends of a friend. Just adore her. (Listen to "Not Yet")  

The song is somewhat pertinent in my life right now:

All in good time,
that’s what they tell me.
You only learn if you keep going.
But the deeper we “go,” the deeper I fall,
even though I’ve got no way of knowing…
no way to know where this is going…
not yet.

I'll leave you with that ;) Happy Friday! What are your plans tonight?

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