Saturday, October 15, 2011

dc meets nc

I walked into a bar where a man in a blue shirt and pink bow tie checked my name off the list. There were deep leather couches, more men in bow ties shaking signature cocktails behind a giant oak bar, and it was crowded enough to feel festive but not too loud to talk. Women were in dresses, men in pressed shirts with the sleeves comfortably rolled up to the elbows.

Was I in DC? It sure felt like it. 

But no, I was at the Crunkleton in Chapel Hill. I think I have found my new favorite bar. 
Perhaps it was the company, some new friends I am making, but I was just totally taken with the vibe. I had a cocktail made from gin, Saint Germaine, cucumber and lime. It tasted like summer with a smoothness to it that most cocktails don't have. 

There are plenty of dive bars in the area that are great to wear jeans to and have a microbrew, but this place just felt special. It felt like an event, not just getting drinks. Totally fabulous. 

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  1. That bar sounds lovely. Dive's are nice, but I agree, getting dressed up for a drink makes the whole evening special! :)