Saturday, October 1, 2011

i love this crazy, sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful life

Yesterday was probably one of the best days since I have moved to North Carolina. I slept in, had a lazy morning, then went out to participate in a school of public health field day. I met lots of new friends, got to run around and play for a while like a kid, and enjoy the weather. Afterwards, I went to a potluck for the first meeting of the new Chapel Hill chapter of Dining for Women. It's a pretty cool thing, you gather once a month, everyone brings a dish, and you donate what you'd normally spend out on dinner and the money goes to a featured organization of the month. Everyone brought something delicious and it felt great to give back a little. I'd definitely recommend starting one of your own! 

Afterwards, I went out to this little town called Saxapahaw to see the Lizzy Ross Band. She was like a cross between Miranda Lambert and Regina Spektor. It was a total blast dancing around with a few friends like fools. Also, the venue- phenomenal. I have never walked into a place before and thought, this is where I'd have my wedding. I had that feeling! (I know, boyfriend first, but a girl can dream.) Just such a cool interesting place! 

It was such a stellar day. I am loving North Carolina!

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