Thursday, October 13, 2011

flick chicks

Ps- You have to check out this article in the New Yorker about Chick Flick Archetype characters. 


"The Woman Who Works in an Art Gallery:
How many freakin’ art galleries are out there? Are people buying visual art on a daily basis? This posh/smart/classy profession is a favorite in movies. It’s in the same realm as kindergarten teacher or children’s-book illustrator in terms of accessibility: guys don’t really get it, but it is likable and nonthreatening...The Gallery Worker character is the rare female movie archetype that has a male counterpart. Whenever you meet a handsome, charming, successful man in a romantic comedy, the heroine’s friend always says the same thing: “He’s really successful. He’s”—say it with me—“an architect!

All the Charlotte Yorks and Ted Mosbys out there are high-fiving each other right now.


  1. I always thought it would be amazing to own an art gallery!

  2. I know! Who doesn't want to be "art gallery girl?" She is always effortlessly chic!