Monday, September 5, 2011

cougar town

Saturday night some new gal pals and I went out to a country western bar. We figured that we better get a real taste of the South, and what better way then to go line dancing! This place was just what we were looking for-- loud country music, a bar for girls to dance on, a mechanical bull and bras hanging from the ceiling. Klassy with a K. We got our $2 beers and hit the dance floor. 

After a while my friend said, "Hey that cute guy at the bar keeps looking at you, you should talk to him." She proceeded to drag me over and introduce me. Thanks, Capitan Awkward! Well he started teaching me some line dances and we were laughing and having a fun time. Then he pushed me around the dance floor solo for a few songs. It was a total blast -- it's been a while since a guy who really knew how to dance took me for a spin. 

Finally we needed a break and I asked him where his beer was. He held up his hand with a big black X on it and answered with a deep southern accent: "I'm not 21 yet." 

**Cue sound of heart shattering**

"Wow. I am so much older than you."

"How much, are you 22?"

"Ha. You wish. I'm 26." 

So that was the end of that! One more dance for fun and then the girls and I called it a night. I wasn't honestly considering pursuing this guy but I just realized, Wow, welcome back to a college town. 18 to party, 21 to drink. 


  1. I had a very similar situation happen Friday night!!! The cutest guy had wandered over to flirt, but was a BABY. Of course I'm dating TEN, so I didn't flirt one bit...but it still made me feel old. Booo :(

  2. Yeah! Never thought I'd see the day that 20 seemed young!