Monday, September 26, 2011

game changer

Saturday night when I was home I went to a fundraising dinner with my parents. It felt so good to get dressed up and mix with people in international work! I brought home a BCBG wrap dress and some black leather heels. It was a bit rainy but kind of humid. I needed something on my legs but was not looking forward to the idea of wearing the control top pantyhose I threw in my bag at the last minute. So! I went to Target and looked around and decided to try out a pair of thigh highs. I'd never worn them before but figured it was worth a shot. They were black opaque and looked like regular tights. I got them home and got dressed and was out the door. 

I can say with confidence that after 3 hours of standing, mingling, drinking and walking, those suckers stayed in place! I didn't have to tug them up once. I was imagining as the worst case scenario of having an important conversation and one of them rolling down to my ankles and awkwardly excusing myself. But these, my friends, did nothing of the sort. I don't see them on the Target website, but they were Hanes. I would definitely suggest trying them out next time you need to sport some legware. They look pretty sexy to boot!

(FYI, they did not have a lacey top, it was more of a thicker band. Not sure if that helped with the staying up.)


  1. REALLY? Now that is interesting. They look as if they would be troublesome. Glad they worked out :) I may have to invest in a pair!