Monday, September 12, 2011

the sisterhood

I feel blessed to have had a life full of fabulous female friends. When I moved to Virginia 13 years ago (!) I spent the first half of 8th grade floundering and then found the loves of my life in a school production of Fiddler on the Roof. Despite the goofy costumes, the girls I met that Spring are still some of my best friends. In college I lucked out with a wonderful roommate freshman year that I really felt connected to right from the start. I also sang in an all-female a capella group and spent a lot of time with those girls both in rehearsal and socially. I've seen them get married and have babies. It's been incredible. Once I moved back to DC a lot of my "homecrew" friends had moved away, but somehow I found a few girls through the guys I knew to be wonderful additions to the every expanding sisterhood in my life. It's been particularly fun to invite them all together to parties and see them get to know each other as well. 

Now that I am down in North Carolina, the fact that I would be studying and learning with a lot of girls was inevitable-- I am doing a Masters degree in Maternal and Child Health. Of course, there will be women. However, I wasn't expecting to bond with them as much as I have. We are all still getting to know each other, but I threw out the idea of a girls night on Saturday and ended up with about 10 of us hitting the town. We went to Good Fellows for a drink and then hit the iconic Top of the Hill where we were all dancing fools. It hit me just how much fun it is and how good it is to just let loose with a bunch of women. I am really looking forward to getting to know them all over the next 2 years. 



  1. I love you Ms. Sweet Tea. Seeing you happy and enjoying your life makes my heart happy. Female friends are priceless.

  2. They really are one of the true blessings in life. I know they are going to be continually important once we all have kids and no idea what we are doing! Nice to have a support network.

  3. homecrew girls for life! i love you!!!