Sunday, September 4, 2011


Being back in school at 26 is like getting to do college all over again, but with a better sense of self. You meet new people, no one knows anything about you, you get to learn full time and go out and have lots of fun. One thing I particularly like is the power of decision making. When I was in undergrad sometimes I felt like I had to go to certain parties or have lunch with certain people just to make sure I was staying in the social loop. Even if I was tired. Sometimes just because I was lonely. 

Now that I am starting my life again I feel so much more in control of deciding what I want. As much as I loved my DC life, there was always this hectic pace where one day ran into the next and as far as deciding what I wanted each day-- well that was limited to what I would wear to work and what I'd have for dinner. I think you lose a bit of yourself when you have no time to sit down and think. Or have a cup of tea in your underware. Or go to a concert alone just because you want to see the artist. I was talking to a girl in my program last night and she feels the same way. She's contemplating a new hair color just to mark the sign of change in her life. I know I have done the same at past points of change. Because when you decide to go back for graduate education, I think it really has to be about you. Not just the academic version of you. The whole you, as a person, finding what make YOU happy. 

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