Tuesday, September 6, 2011

set fire to the rain

It has been pouring cats and dogs here all day! On top of that we had 2 tornado warnings! Pretty crazy! We have already had an earthquake and hurricane since I have lived in North Carolina. I always thought the east coast had relatively calm weather but these past few weeks have proved quite differently! I kind of like the idea of Zeus throwing lightening bolts in the sky to explain for all this chaos.

Today I've been listening to my current favorite "rain" song: Adele, "Set Fire to the Rain."

Doesn't that just sound magical? And how freaking amazing is her voice?


  1. That is a great rain song. Not quite as epic as November Rain or Purple Rain (my favorites) but definitely worthy of your accolades. Have you ever noticed how T Swift mentions kissing/dancing/making up/insert verb in about half of her songs? It's sort of incredible how she manages to slip it in there so often.


  2. We have had tornado warnings too!! What gives? I've got a flashlight, candle & a radio in the basement.

    Unfortunately, I also have a lot of water in the basement at the moment :(


  3. Tones- I think I have to add Fire and Rain by James Taylor and I Love the Rain the Most by Joe Purdy to the list of rainy day songs. And didn't you think about kissing and making out when you were a teen like Tswift. It makes me feel young :)

  4. Oooopsies. What I meant to write was "kissing/dancing/making up IN THE RAIN" TSwift loves romancing in the rain. That was confusing.