Friday, September 23, 2011

my favorite season

Today is the first day of fall!

Fall is my FAVORITE season. I love when the humidity drops and it starts to be sweater weather. I love cooking big pots of soup. I love going on dates when it starts to get chilly and it gives a guy an excuse to put his arm around your should to keep you warm and protected against the elements. I love the first time its cold enough to use a fireplace. 
Every year, on September 23rd, I feel like I am supposed to remember something. Do you have those days? The closest I can get is that maybe it was the anniversary with my first boyfriend when I was in 9th grade. 
I'm back up in DC this weekend. Hooray! It's rainy and icky outside so I am spending the day in a coffee shop doing a little work and then catching up with some friends and family tonight. It's good to get back to my roots for a few days. 
Have a fabulous weekend, friends. 


  1. Have the best time in DC this weekend. One of my co-workers is also flying up there for a wedding.

  2. have a fabulous first fall weekend :)