Friday, September 2, 2011

home sweet home

Prior to moving to North Carolina I spent an obsessive amount of time picking out stuff for my new apartment. My mother and I got into a long discussion about the best way to hang a shower curtain (clearly, with a liner on the inside). I was at HomeGoods, Bed Bath and Beyond, or on Etsy and design blogs non-stop. This was one tangible thing that I could control as far as the move was concerned. I never saw my apartment before I got the keys, and luckily I loved it! I'm still tweaking a few things, but here are some sneak peeks:

 Outdoor patio

 Living Room

 Curtains (World Market)



  1. I love it! SO cute and so homey. :)

  2. Thanks! I think I still want some plants and I have a big wall that needs SOMETHING. Maybe a wall decal?

  3. Having been along for the ride on a couple of those HomeGoods trips, I'm soo excited to see it all coming together. It looks great!

  4. And your couch has found a new home, Rach! I am being nice to it :)